NBA 2K21 – ‘Galaxy Opal’ James Donaldson for Free!

NBA 2K21 – ‘Galaxy Opal’ James Donaldson for Free!

NBA 2K21’s Season 7 – introduced as “Full Throttle” – began its debut week with plenty of impressive Locker Codes for players to check out in the game.

After the recent unveiling of Washington Wizard’s Russell Westbrook as an Evolution Player Card for free (WESTBROOK-182-TRIPLE-DOUBLES), besides a 97- Rated Free Agent Tracy McGrady (T-MAC-13-IN-33), another player enters the fray for NBA 2K21 fans to recruit in MyTeam (MT).

Who is that player in question?

Meet ‘Galay OpalJames Donaldson, the outstanding former Centre player who shone brightest during his days with Dallas Mavericks from 1985 till 1991!

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to snag an elite Centre player in NBA 2K21 for a while now, this might be your best chance!

James Donaldson’s ‘Galaxy Opal’ player card boasts jaw-dropping stats like:


  • Offensive Rebounding (Rebounding): 95
  • Defensive Rebounding (Rebounding): 95
  • Close Shot (Inside Scoring): 94
  • Interior Defence (Defending): 92
  • Standing Dunk (Inside Scoring): 90
  • Mid-Range Shot (Outside Scoring): 90
  • Block (Defending): 90
  • Many other 85+ stats!

In order to unlock this legendary player for absolutely no charge within NBA 2K21, you will need to redeem him via the following Locker Code:


The deadline for the Locker Code is on 21st May 2021, so you will need to recruit him soon before the time passes away forever.

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