How Can CBD Help in Relieving Phantom Pain?

As per recent study, most of the people use CBD to treat chronic pain. The supplement has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. This article will help you to understand the potential benefits of CBD.

Phantom pain affects more than 60% – 80% of amputees. Many patients describe this pain as tingling, sharp and throbbing. This pain can occur due to many reasons like amputation due to vascular problems, infection, trauma, cancer and so on. This pain is most common in the limb area, but it can also occur due to the surgical removal of any body part. It will either occur immediately or after few weeks, months or in rare case years. In some of the cases, this pain gets resolved without any treatment.

People have used cannabis as well as its derivatives to treat this pain since many years. The supplement cannabinoid THC has become quite popular these days. This chemical has great intoxicating effects.

Extraction of CBD

CBD products are extracted from the industrial hemp plant and hence it is far more widely available as compared to other supplements. You can easily obtain it even in the areas where medical marijuana programs are not available.

The most conventional way to use the supplement is as an oil tincture. All you have to do is place the oil under your tongue and hold the same for as much as 1-2 minutes before swallowing it. By this method, CBD can easily enter the mouth through blood vessels in the mouth.

Purchasing the right supplement

These days, many companies have come up with various methods to consume the supplement. Edibles and capsules are widely available in the market. Capsules are much better and discreet way to consume CBD. However, one con of the capsule is that it will pass through the digestive tract. This results in the loss of great amount of active ingredients along the way.

Topical creams and ointments are quite readily available. If you are experiencing severe pain in any body part, you can directly apply the cream over that area to provide instant relief. As CBD enters in the body through the topmost skin layer, it will heal the area much more quickly as compared to the other supplements.

How to buy the supplement online

There are few things you need to keep in mind while using CBD for phantom pain. Before proceeding ahead, you have to understand that CBD market is quite unregulated. Some of the companies out there are selling substandard products that might not give you 100% results and lead to lots of side effects.

Hence, you must purchase the supplement from a brand that offers third party lab reports. These reports will prove that CBD is free from contaminants. Besides this, you must understand how the manufacturer has extracted the CBD. Most of the experts prefer CO2 extraction over other methods. This form of extraction will lead to pure and potent product. Hence, you have to be extra careful while purchasing the product.